Meet the Camp CARE Crew: Sean Weddington

Meet Sean

Sean is the vice chair of our board, and he’s a counselor for the 6, 7 and 8 year old boys (think he has a busy week at camp?!). He also spearheads the yearbook design and has been a photographer at camp in previous years. This will be his tenth summer at camp, and he’s most looking forward to lots and lots of FUN this year!

Camp CARE has been so fulfilling for him. People often say to him that it must be sad to work with all of those children with cancer. But as Sean sees it, some of the happiest and most meaningful moments of his life have happened at Camp CARE, and for many kids, Camp CARE is their best week of the year, and he gets to experience that with them. What’s sad about that?!

Bet you didn’t know…
…Sean has been married for seven years to our very own, Sue Ann! They have a precious daughter, Allie, who is four, and the newest addition to the Weddington family is their son Crosby!

…tickling his daughter is his favorite thing to do because her laughter is infectious. He also loves just spending time with his family, reading and running.

…Sean’s been known to “surprise attack” people – sneak up behind them and bark like a dog. So watch your back at camp! But he’s a friendly dog, so never fear!

…he once bungee jumped at a county fair.

…Sean has a piece of advice for everyone: just because he’s tall, doesn’t mean he’s good at basketball. We beg to differ, Sean! Let’s challenge him on the basketball court at Camp CARE!

…his superhero power of choice is the ability to fly. He thinks floating carefree in the air would feel so free. And allow him to avoid traffic.

Sean, we appreciate everything you do for Camp CARE. You are such a integral part of our team, and we can’t thank you enough. You rock!