Meet the Camp CARE Crew: Ralph Shore

Meet Ralph

Ralph always has Camp CARE on the brain – he’s a counselor (this will be his 11th summer!), on the board of directors and a member of the 5K planning committee. He loves camp and enjoys acting like a big kid the entire week he’s there. After he lost his sister to cancer, he wanted to get involved with activities that would support others fighting this disease. He began volunteering at Levine Children’s Hospital and got connected to camp because he wanted to help these kids have more joy and fun in their lives.

One of his favorite Camp CARE memories was when a little girl sang a song at the talent show, and the emcee asked her how long she’d been performing “professionally.” She responded, “Oh about 10 years.” And then the emcee asked how old she was…and she said “six years old!” Too cute.

Ralph is most excited about seeing the campers have fun this year!

Bet you didn’t know that…
…Ralph does Revolutionary War re-enacting and 18th century living history. He demonstrates 18th century toys and games for children at various historical sites, and he also portrays a 19th century Santa for candlelight tours.

…he enjoys going to 18th century balls and dancing the dances and wearing the clothes of that era.

…Ralph is an outstanding runner. He took up running at age 60. He wanted not only to help himself physically, but wanted to run in honor of the kids fighting cancer and in memory of those who have passed away from it. Whenever he wants to quit, he uses these kids as an inspiration – they don’t quit, and he doesn’t either. Since his first race, Ralph has run over 100 races!  GO RALPH! Camp CARE will always be cheering for you!

…watermelon is Ralph’s favorite food.

…he hopes to one day retire and move to his favorite place in the world – Colonial Williamsburg. But, of course, he would return for Camp CARE each summer.

Ralph, thank you so much for everything you do to make Camp CARE so special for our kids. We couldn’t do it without you. You get a standing “O!”