Meet the Camp CARE Crew: Lauren Raborn

lauren_raburn_2Meet Lauren

Lauren may be a newcomer to Camp CARE, but she is no newcomer to Camp Lurecrest, where Camp CARE is held! She was a camper for 10 years and loved it. She remembers just being able to be a kid at camp, and even when she had to do “chores,” it was still fun. She is excited to be a part of Camp CARE, as working with hospitalized children is her passion. Lauren can’t wait to be a part of the magic!

She’s most excited about meeting so many strong kids and being able to create a fun, adventurous, safe place for them to express themselves. Every child deserves a fun camp experience, especially kids who have to face yucky things like chemotherapy or helping a sibling through treatment.

Bet you didn’t know that…

  • Lauren has a golden retriever, Millie Jo. She’s 2, and Lauren says she is SPOILED!lauren_raburn_1
  • She loves the outdoors and crafts (two of our favorite things at Camp CARE!) She says that DIY (do-it-yourself) is her middle name and creativity is her hidden talent, as she’s always looking for an old piece of wood or an antique to make into something new and beautiful. She also loves taking her dog for hikes and hunting for waterfalls!
  • Lauren’s guilty pleasures? Chocolate and coffee!
  • For her mom’s birthday a few years ago, she, her sister and her mom all went skydiving!
  • If she had one superpower, it would be to freeze time. She wants more hours in a day!



Lauren, we are so excited to have you as part of our Camp CARE family. See you soon!