• Meet the Camp CARE Crew: Joanne Pike

    Meet Joanne Joanne is excited to be a part of Camp CARE this summer, especially because she loves the outdoors and playing with kids. She can’t wait to meet our campers and looks forward to getting to know them not only in a group setting, but individually as well. Ironman is her favorite superhero…but perhaps […]

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  • Meet the Camp CARE Crew: Niki Voncannon

      Meet Niki Niki is looking forward to a week with some real life superheroes – our campers! She is a cancer survivor herself and has been cancer-free since April 2011 (WOOHOO!!!!). She knows what it’s like to just want to have some fun and forget about being sick for a while, and her mission […]

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  • Meet the Camp CARE Crew: Jacob Barringer

     Meet Jacob After being a camper for 8 years, Jacob is back as an LIT this summer! A cancer survivor himself, he wants to give back and help other campers have a great experience! His most favorite Camp CARE memory as a camper is reading poems at the un-talent show, and we know he’s going to […]

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  • Meet the Camp CARE Crew: Jordan Sullivan

    Meet Jordan Jordan is a Camp CARE counselor, and has done a lot of work behind the scenes in years past to help Amy get ready for camp. She knew she wanted to get involved with Camp CARE many years ago, when her best friend and her best friend’s brother attended and came home and told […]

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  • Meet the Camp CARE Crew: Sarah Crawley

    Meet Sarah Sarah is a leader-in-training at Camp CARE. She spent three summers as a camper, after being diagnosed with leukemia when she was 15. And the rest is history…she will forever be a part of the Camp CARE family! Her favorite part about Camp CARE is just being with people who understand what everyone […]

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  • Meet the Camp CARE Crew: Wesley Curtis

    Meet Wesley Wesley was a Camp CARE camper for 11 years, and he’s bask as an LIT (leader-in-training). His most favorite memory of Camp CARE is making so many wonderful friends over the years, and he can’t wait to help create the same great experience for them that he had for all those years. We are so […]

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