• Meet the Camp CARE Crew: Matthew Martin

    Meet Matthew Matthew is a leader-in-training, but he’s been involved in Camp CARE since he was 9 years old! Camp CARE helped him understand his brother’s cancer diagnosis and also gave him lifelong friends who can relate to having a sibling with cancer. One of his most favorite memories is of course making those friends, […]

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  • Meet the Camp CARE Crew: Lauren Raborn

    Meet Lauren Lauren may be a newcomer to Camp CARE, but she is no newcomer to Camp Lurecrest, where Camp CARE is held! She was a camper for 10 years and loved it. She remembers just being able to be a kid at camp, and even when she had to do “chores,” it was still […]

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  • Meet the Camp CARE Crew: Clare Washington

    Meet Clare After six years as a camper, Clare is excited to be a leader-in-training this year! As a cancer survivor herself, she is excited to get to know the campers and get messy in the Craft Cabin with everyone. Bet you didn’t know that… – Clare has a black Labrador named King. He is […]

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  • Meet the Camp CARE Crew: Laura Crawley

    Meet Laura Laura is a leader-in-training after being a camper for several summers. She loves the Camp CARE community and how it’s made up of encouraging people that can relate to the experiences that her family has had. She is so excited to be a part of the staff that makes it all possible for […]

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  • Meet the Camp CARE Crew: Lindsay Lee

    Meet Lindsay Lindsay is a Camp CARE nurse, helping to keep our campers (and staff!) healthy and safe at camp. She loves seeing our kids get to be kids, especially since it’s outside of the hospital or clinic setting. She is most excited about making new memories, seeing smiles and hearing giggles. And, she can’t […]

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  • Meet the Camp CARE Crew: Chris Labadia

    Meet Chris     Chris is excited to join us at Camp CARE and have as much fun as possible with our campers!       Bet you didn’t know that… He enjoys going to the gym, hanging out with his friends and riding his motorcycle. While he doesn’t consider himself an expert in any […]

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