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  • Meet the Camp CARE Crew: Glenn Duru-Iheoma

    Meet Glenn Glenn has been a counselor for several summers, but he also attended Camp CARE as a camper in 2003, 2004 and 2006. He wants all of our campers to experience the same fun that he experienced and make a lot of new friends. Glenn’s brother had leukemia when he was three years old, and they attended camp […]

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  • Meet the Camp CARE Crew: Paul Meads

    Meet Paul This will be Paul’s first summer at Camp CARE, but he’s no stranger to camping, Paul was a Boy Scout when he was younger! So if you need some knots tied… He also has done quite a bit of hiking; having once climbed the highest peaks in Virginia (Mount Rogers) and North Carolina […]

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  • Meet the Camp CARE Crew: Will Borders

    Meet Will This will be Will’s third year as a counselor at Camp CARE, and he looks forward to the week of camp all year. He works for Carolinas Healthcare System as a Field Service Representative for Carolinas Laboratory Network, but loves coming to camp so he can get to know all of the campers […]

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  • Meet the Camp CARE Crew: Amye Welborn

    Meet Amye Amye has been a Camp CARE counselor for years, and she joins us all of the way from Louisiana, where she was born, raised and still lives. She works at the district attorney’s office, but thinks that tubing and the zip line are much more fun everyday activities. Amye is so excited to […]

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  • Meet the Camp CARE Crew: Laura Cannon

    Meet Laura This is Laura’s first summer at Camp CARE, and she can’t wait for the fun to begin! She is finishing her third year in medical school at UNC-Chapel Hill, and she’s currently on a 6-week rotation at Levine Children’s Hospital. So if you see her, say hello! Laura is a counselor this year […]

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  • Meet the Camp CARE Crew: Hot Rod

    Meet Hot Rod Hot Rod is our rockstar at Camp CARE – literally! He leads the music before and after meals, gives music lessons during activity periods and organizes the un-talent show. He’s also been known to sing lullabies at night to cabins with young kids who haven’t yet fallen asleep. When he’s not at Camp […]

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