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    Camp CARE {Cancer Ain't Really the End} was formed in 1985 by a group of health-care professionals. Staffed entirely by volunteers...

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  • Every Penny Helps!

    Camp is always provided free-of-charge to families, but expenses are more than $500 per child. We are funded entirely by donations and can’t do it without your support!

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  • 30 Years of Stories!

    Throughout 2015 we're asking campers, parents, and staff from any point over the last 30 years to share a story from their Camp CARE experience. We're looking forward to reading all of your old stories as we create new SUPER stories in 2015!

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Fun Stuff

Q: What do you get if you cross the man of steel with a hot vegetable broth?
A: Souperman

Why did Spiderman join the swim team?
Because he has webbed feet!

April 28th was Super Hero Day! Did you miss it? Good thing it's super hero day at Camp CARE all year long!

So are you having trouble trying to figure out which hero you'll be at camp this summer? Why don't you just create your own!

Check out the video below to start making your own duct tape mask! Use it as starter, but then see how creative you can get with making it your own!

Click on the video to start playing, make it larger by clicking the bottom right corner.

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  • Super Hero Gratitude!

    Has it truly been a week since we left Camp CARE? I still find my thoughts and heart up on the mountain with 177 awesome campers and 95 incredible staff members and our friends from Camp Lurecrest. It was such a fun week watching everyone escape from the world of cancer – even for a […]

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  • Meet the Camp CARE Crew: David Dobrowski

    Meet David This may be David’s first year as a counselor at Camp CARE, but he has been a part of Camp CARE from afar for 15 years. He’s volunteering in memory of his daughter, Emily Ann, who was sadly too sick to attend. David, we know that you will make Emily Ann so proud […]

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